America - ecommerce delivery to the USA

US Ecommerce is our specialty…

We confidently cover Europe and Asia but the USA is our sweet spot. Our global eCommerce capability is founded on our specialist US market expertise, with millions of eCommerce items cleared and delivered, in budget, on time.


Alice IOT Enabled

World Package is fully ALICE IOT enabled.  ALICE IOT is a world leading US eCommerce transit platform that seamlessly connects transit parties for maximum efficiency and full visibility.

ecommerce package sorting

We have access to intelligent routing capabilities with the ability to sort parcels in our handling facilities.

ecommerce plane cargo delivery

Intelligent routing means we can adjust sorting based on the availability of freight capacity or the performance or rates for last-mile delivery.

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Intelligent routing means we can tailor the perfect service to meet your requirements and priorities.


£12.5billion of eCommerce
goods sold to US


A friendly, English-
speaking market

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The US government actively encourages inbound eCommerce.  There are a range of import clearance options and goods worth less than $800 can be cleared rapidly and inexpensively if you have the right transit partner.

Range of Last Mile Options

Range of last mile options

We have multiple gateways into the USA and this offers flexibility to manage peak volumes or optimise transit times.  We can route your goods via New York, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Dallas, Chicago and other key cities depending on the location of your customer or other criteria as conditions change.

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Specialist Type86 eCommerce clearance

Our US eCommerce customs import capabilities are unrivalled.  We have deep experience of small package, business to consumer import clearance and have specialist tools to ensure that your goods are properly declared and rapidly cleared.


“We use World package for our deliveries across the USA. They are consistent and knowledgeable; we trust the team to get our packages to our customers and really that’s what it’s all about!”

Teresa, Founder, Teresa Tarmey London