The Conona Virus Effect on Ecommerce – 10 Year’s Growth in 3 Month!

US eCommerce adoption explodes due to Corona provoked eCommerce adoption

One of the huge upsides of the Corona Virus for eCommerce retailers is the growth in eCommerce shopping by people who have been locked-down.  This has been really pronounced in the US market.

Recent analysis by global management consultants McKinsey dramatically shows the surge in eCommerce adoption in the US and this is reflected in UK sales to the US.

During the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, US consumers spent $200.72 billion online, up 44.4% from $138.96 billion for the same quarter the prior year, according to retail figures published by the US Commerce Department. That means more than $1 in every $5 spent came from orders placed on the web during the April-June period.

This is having a big impact on UK sales to the US.  Among our clients we have seen surges in volumes to the US since the beginning of the Corona Virus episode and this does not show any sign of slowing down.  Many clients are currently running at 2019 peak levels already and so 2020 peak looks very promising indeed.