Speed, Price and Tracking Are Top Consumer Requirements

Solving the speed, tracking and parcel visibility challenge.

Tracking can be a thorny issue in cross-border eCommerce transit.  It is however a crucial element of a successful delivery.  Recent IPC consumer research that obtained feedback from over 30,000 cross border buyers in 2018 showed that speed and tracking are hot issues for customers.

This makes it absolutely crucial that eCommerce retailers get the balance right between speed, flexibility and tracking.  The decisions retailers have to make are based on the nature of the goods being sold (their value, size, weight and fragility etc) and the demands of the customers buying them (speed vs price etc).

The price and speed issue for consumers is reinforced by another huge survey conducted by Pitney Bowes who surveyed thousands of consumers and hundreds of retailers.

top reasons for cross border cart abandonment

Getting this speed and price balance right can make the difference between successful penetration of an international market and ‘meh’ performance.  It is vitally important for retailers to work with their carriers to find flexible transit options that meet the specific needs of their customers and that are appropriate for the goods being sent. 

A ‘one size fits all’ approach almost never works and can undermine sales potential as well as customer satisfaction.

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