Our heritage

Business to consumer eCommerce delivery is all we do. Whilst our team has a long history of international courier, express and freight expertise, early on we saw the shift to eCommerce in cross-border markets. This shift to consumer deliveries demands a very different approach so we focused our entire offering to exclusively meet the needs of eCommerce retailers.

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Visibility & Tracking

We’ve always understood the importance of visibility and know how vitally important it is for eCommerce customers to see where their packages are.

It is also crucial for retailers to know exactly how well your carriers are performing. We make sure that you and your customers know what is happening every step of the way.

Alcohol Shipping Spirits Worldwide

Complex markets

An early eCommerce specialism for us was the complex wines and spirits business to the USA. 

We are now the dominant wines and spirits eCommerce carrier from the UK to the US. 

Wines and spirits are tough to move.  They are fragile and need special customs declarations and import clearances. 

We do it superbly well and this kind of specialist expertise is applied to our global eCommerce capabilities.

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Technology is playing an increasingly important role in cross-border movements. It is essential to be able to track and manage each individual parcel as it moves though the transit chain.

We use the latest cloud technology to efficiently manage data and our systems are specifically designed to deal with high volume, business to consumer, cross-border eCommerce transit.


“Last year during Peak we hit our delivery commitment – 100% happy customers! We know that Peak involved a lot of planning but World Package handled it with ease. Packages were delivered with accurate reporting – essential for us to perform and grow”

Shelley Kelaty, Managing Director
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The future

Global, cross-border eCommerce in 2020 is approximately £700bn and growing fast at about 27% per year. (It is growing even faster now with the Corona virus impact).

World Package is committed to being the best provider of cross-border transit solutions to eCommerce retailers offering tailored solutions to meet specific needs.

By acting in partnership with our clients we help retailers grow their international sales by delivering effectively to happy customers who buy again and tell their friends.